Our Thoughts On Royler Gracie Vs Eddie Bravo II At Metamoris 3

Credit to Jeremy Brand of http://www.mmasucka.com

I was very fortunate to be part of the press for Metamoris 2. It was a quite an honor and a surprise, I had just started writing about jiu jitsu  and I find myself as  part of the press for BJJ. Yet, nothing was a bigger of a surprise than what Ralek  gave after the intermission of the Royce Gracie ceremony. All the lights went out. I asked my new friends, Raf and John from Verbal Tap Podcast and BJJ Breakdown, “Hey what’s going on? Raf replied, “I don’t have a clue.” Then we heard Eddie Bravo talking over the PA and his face showing on the two large big screens behind us on press row.

It was the rematch that took nine years in the making. Even ADCC couldn’t get it off the ground, but Ralek and Metamoris may have finally got it put together. Even though the event has been postponed, I thought it would be great to get some out sourced opinions from people of the BJJ community for their take on the unicorn of BJJ super fights. I asked two questions to each BJJ advocate:

  • What are your thoughts on the rematch between Royler Gracie vs Eddie Bravo at Meatmoris 3?
  • Who do you think will be the victor and how?

Paul Moran from Open Mat Radio

I think the bigger challenge is making sure the event happens. This rematch has almost happened before. I really hope that Metamoris keeps putting on shows. I think they are doing some amazing things. I really hope our community gets behind events like that, Jiu Jitsu Battle and Five Grappling. Support the sport and pay to watch these events. Pirating is easy and cheap but ultimately hurts our community.

It’s really hard to say. I haven’t seen either man grapple competitively in a long time. Time can be our worst enemy. If you compare careers it’s clear that Royler has the advantage. Eddie will be the first to back me up on that.  I think that Royler will come out on top in this rematch. That said, neither fighter is the same as when they met the first time. Eddie puts in a ton of mat time with his students and has refined his game over the years. It is a cool classic jiu jitsu vs 10th Planet jiu jitsu match. I wish them both luck! Now if only we could get Shaolin vs Leozinho going…

Michael Liera Jr.

This rematch is long overdue, in my opinion– ten years overdue! I’m really excited to see this fight, and I think the metamoris rule set will be perfect for this match-up.

I have always been a big fan of Royler Gracie, and I think that as long as he watches out for Eddie Bravo’s signature guard attacks, he will end up taking Bravo’s back and finishing the fight with the rear naked choke.

Baret Yoshida

I like the Metamoris its pretty exciting. I think Royler can win this time. I am curious how hes gonna face the rubber guard though. I think it will be different this time. I think Royler will approach it more like how Leo, fought Eddie. I don’t think there will be a submission this time.

Derek Okahashi owner of 31/Fifty

I love it.  It might be enough to get me to actually watch it again because Metamoris 2 was not that good.  You need funky match ups to make this work.  When you go with the guy or girl in your academy that you are most evenly matched up with, what are the chances that one of you is going to tap?  Prob not a good possibility.  So what are the chances that Braulio is going to tap Rodolfo or vice a versa?  Let’s see Leo vs Shaolin, Royler and Bravo, Roger and Buchecha again would be cool!  I would like to see Leandro Lo vs Rafa or Marcelo.  We are putting together out own event as well.  I can’t say anymore than that but it will have it’s own place and be really fun.

Man I don’t know.  I have no idea what Royler’s training is like now days.  Eddie seems like he is training frequently but again, the cat is out of the bag and people have dealt with rubber guard.  Not to say that Eddie doesn’t have a ton of other unorthodox techniques, but we are less oblivious to their stuff now.  Just like the berimbolo.  2011 and 2012, couldn’t be stopped.  You were either with the berimbolo, or you were getting your back taken.  Now we’ve had a year or two of amplified exposure, all of the old school guys are like “ok, let me see this berimbolo crap you’re doing.”  And guys are able to defend it better and bring the game back to where they want it.  
Anyways I went off on a “rant” but if I had to pick, I’d say the fans!

Leo Vieira

I have same concepts as Metamoris wants to make for BJJ matches exciting, but different opinion about the way they have the rules special the way they defend who stole the fight, this is not BJJ.That ‘swhy I believe that, bring old school fighters will bring back old school concept SUBMISSIONS.This is why Royler and Bravo’s fight will be exciting. Because at the first fight in ADCC 2003, Royler didn’t fight just for win, but to show what he can do and looking for submission all time, He pay consequences from his mistakes taping for Bravo by triangle choke. Back in the time, everybody fight for submissions or loosing pretend submission. Today Fighters study the rules to find ways to win by advantage or DQ, before nobody know the rules just go there and submit points will be consequences today people have the rules in his pockets and make advantage be his main goal.

I don’t know who will win, but I believe Royler have more BJJ skills than Bravo or many others competitors who win his division today, but it’s not the best fighter win competitions. And I hope both fight smart and give Metamoris what everybody deserved an exciting fight!

Felipe Costa

I’m super excited to see this fight, was a big and great surprise to all BJJ fans. I can not guess who will win, since Royler haven’t compete in a while and Eddie Bravo for even longer, so is hard to predict. But based on what they both have done, if I had to bet based on that, I would say Royler 100% for sure. Thunder does not strike twice in the same place (or does it? lol) I sure hope they both come in great shape and go for the kill! And I sure hope Metamoris always have space for some of the guys on older generations to test themselves in this format.

Budo Jake

It’s been 10 years since brown belt Eddie Bravo submitted Royler Gracie at ADCC 2003 in Brazil. In the past 10 years Eddie has gotten his black belt and opened up a franchise of 10th Planet jiujitsu schools. Royler has focused on strengthening his network of Gracie Humaita schools.

It is interesting to note that neither Royler nor Eddie has competed in a grappling match since ADCC 2003. Royler did however have 6 mma fights in the past 10 years with a record of 2 wins and 4 losses.

I have rolled with both Eddie and Royler and both of them definitely have the skills to win. I think it comes down to who takes it more seriously and who trains harder for it. Will they seek it a proper training camp or will they just train with their own students? IMO, they need someone that’s really going to push them.

Age is on Eddie’s side as he’s 43 vs Roylers 47 years, however I don’t think this plays a part as I believe Royler is in better shape due to diet and ummm… lifestyle choices.

The great thing about Eddie is that he shares everything. With his books, DVDs, and his Mastering the System show, I don’t get the feeling that he’s holding any techniques back. The bad thing, of course, is that now anyone planning to compete against Eddie can have easy access to all of his techniques.

My final thought is this. Royler, son of Helio Gracie, has been training since he was in diapers. He got caught in 2003 by a very hungry and talented up and comer. Royler will play a safer game this time around. Knowing the guard is Eddie’s strongest position, Royler will not be content to hang out there. He will try more standing passes (as Leo Vieira successfully did in 2003 against Eddie). Or Royler may insist on playing bottom. We will have a great battle but I don’t believe we will see a submission in 20 minutes.

Denny Prokopos

I am very happy that the rematch between Eddie and Royler is going to happen. I have know for a long time that Eddie has wanted this rematch to happen and it’s great that its going to happen.  I think that this will be a great match between two LEGENDS. As a fan I’m just pumped. I think a lot of people want to see this happen as well. Also I think that this is huge for the sport in general, the amount of money that both are getting paid and the amount of media coverage that it has received is huge.

I definitely think Eddie can win this match. He has to just be the best Eddie Bravo on that day. In The last 10 years he and his  game have evolved tremendously, So have  his physical abilities Improved just look at the pictures between then and now you could notice a difference in his physique,  and  I think he has a very strong mental game and  knows what frequency he needs to be for that day.

Kurt Osiander

The last time they fought was a very long time ago. Everybody gets caught, I really want to see what happens with that rematch.I think Royler is going to be coming out guns blazing wanting redemption and revenge. We will see what happens, but I’ll be rooting for Royler.

Anybody can win at any time. Lets see maybe Royler will get triangle revenge.

I simply hope we can see this fight sooner than later. Time is ticking. Hopefully Metamoris, Five Grappling or even ADCC can make sure we get to see this rematch and hopefully Leo Vieria vs Shaolin!!!! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Now time to get ready for ADCC

2 thoughts on “Our Thoughts On Royler Gracie Vs Eddie Bravo II At Metamoris 3

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  2. The preview mini – doc at the end was one of the worst produced clips i have ever seen. Looking forward to the rematch, but that promo clip is almost unwatchable.

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